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Our Services

Luker Designs provides personalised upholstery, recovery, refurbishment & design services that only a small business can. We are happy to create bespoke furniture to your specification or give you advice and ideas on how to bring tired furniture back to life, or restore your antiques to their former glory.

Sometimes your modern furniture looks a bit worn out. Maybe you moved to a new house and the piece of furniture no longer complements your interior. This is where reupholstery can rejuvenate your furniture so once again it can become your favourite piece in the room. It might just need recovering, so take your time browsing through our many fabric books or work together with our design consultant to ensure you will find the right fit. If the upholstery is not what it used to be, then our upholsterer will take it “back to frame” before completely rebuilding and upholstering to your requirements.

Lose covers are also another useful way of changing the colour and look of your furniture. These can also be very useful in situations where the furniture has a great deal of use as the cover can be removed and cleaned when required. We also provide a bespoke service where a piece of furniture can be made just for you. You can choose the style, shape, upholstery, and fabric so that you end up with a unique piece of furniture that will be finished to the highest standard.

The restoration and refurbishment of damaged or neglected antiques is a delicate job that should only be completed by an expert in the field. Whether you recently acquired a piece of antique furniture at an auction or the antique item is a family heirloom, it is equally important that it is refurbished using traditional materials and methods to bring it back to its former glory.

The service you will receive from Luker Designs will include an initial consultation to discuss with you what restoration is required and giving you ideas on how to rejuvenate your piece of furniture so that it will meet your specifications. You will be given time to chose from a great range of high-quality fabrics to ensure that you get the right material and style for your furniture and interior. We collect the item at your convenience, after all of the details of the work to be completed, including the fabric, style, timings and price have been discussed and then confirmed with a written estimate, as required. This is all part of Luker Designs personal service promise.

Curtains can be the finishing touch to any room in your house. The pattern or colour of curtains you choose can change the look and feel of your room. Floral curtains can add warmth and beauty, while striped or plain bold colours can add a sense of drama. You can give any place the finish and feel you want. As we are a bespoke curtain making service, you can pick the design and style of your curtains to match the ambiance of your home or office perfectly. This can range from the popular pencil pleat or pinch pleat style, to making unique curtains that incorporate treasured pieces of antique fabric, such as 18th century Turkish Ottoman silk.

We guarantee a personal service from the time you make an inquiry to the delivery of the final product.You will be visited in your home by an interior design consultant to discuss requirements and, as you browse through a range of fabrics, to suggest ideas that complement the comfort of your home. The interior design service covers everything from measuring, estimating fabric, choosing fabric, trimmings, poles and tracks, to hanging the hand-finished curtains in your house.

Luker Designs offers a sophisticated headboard service for both private and commercial clients. Whether your headboard is looking a little tired or you have changed the colour scheme in your bedroom, or you are just in for a change, all of these situations can easily be rectified. A design consultant will come and visit you in your home and help you to redesign your headboard and chose a new fabric so that you will have the headboard you always wanted.

Maybe your headboard is looking a little tired or you have changed the colour scheme in your bedroom, or you just fell like a change, all of these situations can be easily rectified with the help of Luker Designs. The shape, size, appearance, is completely up to you – be it a minimalistic single headboard in a neutral colour or a huge colourful deep-buttoned headboard that covers the entire wall. If you are not sure what you would like, then we will be happy to help you create the headboard that perfectly complements the room in which it is to be installed. It is important to us to deliver a personal service to ensure the client will be happy with the result.

Maybe you don’t want or need your favourite chair or sofa completely reupholstered, but perhaps the cushions have seen better days. Over time, foam cushions can lose their shape and firmness, making your furniture less comfortable to sit on. Or if you had feather cushions, these may have become flatter than they use to be as the feathers have begun to break up and no longer are they as soft and inviting as they use to be. Worn cushions also make furniture look formless and worn down.

These problems can easily be rectified, by replacing the old shapeless foam or feather cushions, with new cushions made from the materials of your choice. Maybe you are tired of having to plump up your feather cushions and are now looking for something that will give you the same comfort but keep its shape longer. All possible alternatives will be discussed with you and solutions found.

Our service will include the measuring and fitting of the new cushions so that they will provide you with the correct amount of support you need when sitting down and relaxing or working.

Luker Designs understands that the correct first impression of your business can be so important to potential clients or visitors and it is our utmost duty to provide excellent service and expertise for any commercial space. Our services range from designer seating and sofas found in luxury hotels; to designing, building and installing creative modern seating in a boardroom/waiting area, or the restoration of antique chairs/bar stools in restaurants, or the local country pub. The look and atmosphere of any area can be changed by the appropriate restoration and re-upholstery of the furniture.

With over 30 years of experience in furniture restoration, working with some of the most prestigious establishments, including Glyndbourne Opera House, Chilston Park Hotel, Charleston Farmhouse (home of the Bloomsbury group) and the Royal Pavilion, or the Griffin restaurant, you can have confidence that our work will be completed to the highest of standards.

This is a truly bespoke service for clients seeking unique, stylish and practical seating solutions for their beloved vehicles. We specialize in the remodeling of camper vans, motorhomes, caravans, classic cars or motorbikes, horsebox interiors and boats. All of these can be reupholstered using the appropriate materials ranging from leather to embossed velvet.

It is the attention to detail that can be so important when reupholstering classic cars or motorbikes. Making sure that the quality of the fabric/leather and materials will recapture the elegance of the vehicles bygone motoring days and allow many more years of driving enjoyment.

When it comes to boats, camper vans, motorhomes, and caravans, our sophisticated service can allow you to realise your vehicle’s potential with our innovative seating solutions and upholstery service. Whether it’s just the replacement of cushions and curtains or a complete re-design of the interior, it is so essential for us to listen to our clients’ requirements and then provide the best alternatives to allow them to achieve the lifestyle of their dreams.

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